Watch Thousands Troop Out As Rema Delivers Historic Performance In Ivory Coast

Mavin teenage sensation & man of the moment, Rema, had an historic performance yesterday in far away Ivory Coast and it currently is being talked about on social media.


The talented young man who came on to the music scene just six months ago has carved a niche for hiself and dethroned many to become the new toast of young Nigerian music listeners. The love for Rema has now been proven not to be only limited to Nigeria, but spread to other African countries which was mightily evident in the reception he got at Ivory Coast yesterday where he went to bless the young and old who came out in thousands to watch him with an electrifying musical performance.

Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be fair on y’all if we deprive you of watching greatness and for that reason, we thought to put the video up for your pleasure.

Watch below:



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