TENi is my SugarMummy I am planning to get her Pregnant Soon

In an interview with VibezTV, Fast rising act; SEPH also known as Global Boy speaks on said:- “am seriously Crushing on Teni, I want to impregnate her because am sure she can’t cheat”.

💯SEPH Global boy is one of the next rated artist in Nigeria at the moment who has a couple of hit singles to his name, his latest hit single SEVEN DAYS featuring Nigerian veteran actor Jide Kosoko currently gaining airplay home and abroad, So we decided to have an interview to know what more he has in stock for the industry, plans & upcoming projects and so on. Enjoy it 👇

❓SEPH Global boy thank you for coming through

What Does the name SEPH implies ?

▪Strength to Entertain People’s Heart

❓where do u base?
▪I am a surulere base Afro dancehall music act

❓Apart from Music what other things do you do?
▪i just finished with studies so for now am placing more focus on my career but soonest i will be diverting into business, like i have passion for real estate, importation & exportation and so on.

❓What’s ur relationship status?
▪i am currently single and seriously searching😁

❓Searching? Do you mean there is no serious woman👩🏽 in your life right now?

▪No, most definitely i have wonderful people in my life both male & female but basically to me for as long as anyone hasn’t been join in holy matrimony then i consider myself as being single.

❓ Who inspires you in the industry and why?

▪Definitely wizkid, wizzy is a very talented & hard working act that has done so well not just for himself but the entire Africa music🎵 industry putting our sound on the world map🗺, i think such lifestyle & great achievement is worth emulating.

❓In a saturated music environment in Nigeria, what makes you unique?

▪Truly I would agree with you that the industry is saturated, everybody is unique in their ways, my plan is to bring back the good old days where you can enjoy good music not just by the beat and sound but my well structured lyrics where everybody can vibe along with, you will agree with me that most of the content nowadays are not quality interms of lyrics, rythms, messages, etc. Which is why am setting new pace for informative, educative & entertaining sound that could bless both the body, spirit & souls of my listeners.

❓Like we know you’re already in the industry weather doing great stuffs, some artist get into the industry and months later we don’t hear about them again, what measure are you putting in place to continue being in the industry knowing fully well that there are lots of competition?

❓what record label are you in presently
▪ i am a freelance artiste right now, am currently seeking a reputable Record label or management to work with

❓What are your plans and projects?
▪i am working on so many serious project right now, been recording some massive sounds also am working on collaborations with some of my senior colleagues and the plan is to alongside Wizzy dominate the world…

would be dropping my EP (Extended playlist) before ending of the year.

Am coming up with some dope & classy world class videos that will wow my fans & make them more proud of my brand…

And so many other great plans i will be unveiling soon.

❓To you, what are the challenges mostly facing Growing artiste in the industry?
▪ One of the major challenges we have is that the top artiste have monetized the industry so this is like a big challenge for us because Talent alone is not appreciated anymore else you have real money to push your brand, no Oap or media personalities wanna support or help no matter how talented you are except you sort them, its not their fault because even the top act are paying them to get them favor their brand. Which is not supposed to be. Its better advice not to even do music if you don’t have money to promote your music else you will be totally frustrated. The industry is too intimidating.

❓who is your female celebrity crush?
▪Hmm the big question, well most of them are married or I should say taken but Currently my new crush which i see like my #SugarMummy already is TENi, am sure she would probably be ssingle too that makes me lucky…
❓ wait you mean TENI

Yes of course, i so much love the babe.

❓Wow, hardly have i seen anyone crushing on TENi, why did u choose her?

▪Am sure Teniola cannot cheat On me..
Even if she want to cheat, who is sleeping to cheat with?
She is only my spec lol. Most men don’t love ladies that big but for me that makes me safe.. Lol

❓What are your expectations, Where do you see yourself in 5Years time?

▪Gl🌍bal, certainly we are G🌍ing Gl🌍bal..

❓I love that, Global. I guess that is why u are called Gl🌍bal B🌍y, what is your level of success that would make you consider yourself to finally be Gl🌍bal.

▪Until my name fade out on the Sky for the whole wide world to see just like the sun, stars & moon. It seems impossible to
Man but with God all things are possible so i strongly believe it will happen..

❓Wow big dreams I guess, so you want your name written on the sky? How about winning Grammy lol
▪Grammy is huge but not d biggest, i am gonna get it & more but my dream is as big as to see my name is boldly display in the sky for the world to celebrate Me.

❓What will be your advice to the upcoming talents?
▪Don’t stop don’t quit, i know u will feel or think of quitting but trust me as difficult & impossible it looks, Grace is valid. When its ur time ur clock will work without battery, Never stop believing your time will come.

❓Amazing, how can your fans connect with you?
▪ on all social media i am @Globalboyseph

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