Simi is making good use of the lockdown to promote #Duduke ( written by Sir Segz)

Simi is making good use of the lockdown to promote #Duduke


Not just that Duduke lyrics were choosing carefully, nor the beat was just synchronized perfectly to give us a an intriguing tune, with the anticipation of a new baby 🍼 to the family of Adekunle and Simi.

Simi has made good use of the lockdown and her anti-natal period to push her music 🎶. Unlike many upcoming who is waiting for the lockdown to be called off to start jumping from one promoter to the other, from one Dj to the other, from fighting for shows and sponsors.

Artist need to learn from her, she was able to use the Instagram and tiktok perfectly as her promotional tool, not just drawing attention of the populace to her song but also aidding the populace to list the song in their playlist.

She was direct in her approach to the promotion of the song, using the unborn baby to reach the emotions of her fans and getting more along the line.

Simi have not just proven to be a good music artist but also a good music promoter.

Personally I am wishing her a successful delivery in Advance.

#Duduke #Agbaby #Simi

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