TEAM Nigeria defeated Ghana 8-6 in the final to emerge championships of the Ikemidcell P.bll Professional World Championship held in Mile 12, Lagos today.

The Indoor play edition of the Ikemidcell P.bll World Championship however saw Nigeria female team lose 2-1 to their counterpart from Ghana.

The tournament played in presence of sizable spectators saw the creator of Ikemidcell P.bll Sport, Jomoh Ikem Igbinosun Inducted into Nigerian Books of Record.

Nigerian Books of Record is the official Book of Records of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, conceive by the Institute to drive attitudinal re-orientation, ‘Change Begins With Me Campaign’ of the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, Abuja.

Speaking during the induction ceremony just before the final, the DG of the Institute, Dr. David David said Igbinosun earned the honour on merit.

The man deserved to be inducted into the Nigerian Books of Record because this is the first time we are seeing a Nigerian coming out with a sport that has potential to employ the youth in the country, have a potential to lift our country to the next level.

“The invention put him in the Inventors Category alongside great Nigeria-American Professor, Philip Emeeagwali, the man who used 65,000 processors to invent the world’s fastest computer which performs computations at 3.1 billion calculation per seconds; Jelan Aliu, a Detroit-based car design veteran from General Motors, who’s best known as the designer of its Chevy Volt in 2017; Alexander Amosu, the inventor of world most expensive suit and Godwin Amaowoh’s invention of Tupocracy took the world by surprise.”

While appreciating the honour bestowed on him, Ikem Igbinosun called for government support in taking the sport to the next level.

“We have been trying our best and as you can see now lots of Nigerians taking part. Now we have four different private teams. So far so good, we are moving well but still need the support of the federal government,” he said.


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