This title of this write up is not to get you agitated at all,

Ladies & Gentlemen, This are the Reasons why 95% of Ogun state (sango Ota) Artiste won’t BLOW”…

First, Most of Sango Ota artistes don’t go outside of Sango Ota.. How? I’ll explain. Many of Ota artistes starts their music career in Ota, and overtime as they develop.. Instead of testing new waters, challenging themselves.. By going out to places in Lagos and beyond..seeking collabos from bigger Artiste n all.. They relent on the little fame they’ve gathered here.

Once a Sango artiste realises that his been heard n felt in sango, Ijoko, Joju, iju, iyana ilogbo, temidire and the likes.. He feels his blown.. 💥.. Then he starts limiting his style of music to satisfy this base alone.. Las Las, my Broda go kon fade inside sango…

Second, These artistes put too much of hope on Local Djs.. As much Djs are making money way before artiste earns a dime, Dj needs Artiste just as artiste needs Dj..

Fine, The likes of Dj YK, Dj Chicken, Dj Tools are huge here.. With fans.. But that doesn’t mean you should put all hope on them.. Have met some of this Djs, they are pretty cool and they can help.. But Sango Artiste puts too much hope on Djs to Blow them, lobbying for Dj mixtapes that might not even get 1k downloads..

We’re all one, Djs are great, but it’s important Sango artiste gets their priority straight, else They won’t BLOW..

Okay, The third one. Most Sango artistes have nothing in them no get shingbain for pocket.., sadly, they also believe that they can scrabble their way to the top..

Bros, how is this going to Shele? Everything in music requires money. From the recording, to promotion, to blogs, Tfare wey go carry you go shows, to tipping Hypeman, Dj and Co.. You no fit escape am, you must spend… And pls stop thinking yahoo is a substitute for hard work, Even if you be G and you hit money.. You will still hustle hard to Blow…
This money Ish won’t allow 95% of them BLLL not talk of BLOW..

Can we go on? Oya let’s go..

Fourth on the list is Rass street music vs Sellable street music..
The sad news is that sango association of street artistes are not really Sellable.. See, if you wan to do Local, do Local with your sense.. Don’t do Local that nobody will buy outside Sango.. Don’t do local that only Djs can briefly mix alone..
You can’t sell Rass Street music but you can sell Sellable street Music.. Small doctor knows this, S brown knows this.. I can’t say the same for Small lyon, Fela 2…maybe you can tho.

I’m aware that street Music needs to be raw and violent sometimes but if it’s not Sellable.. Sorry is the case. 😔

Fifth, Wack outlook. Wack artwork. This is enough to silence all the work an Artiste as put into his/her music. People see you, see your artwork before they even listen to you.. Most Sango artistes dont even know their song artwork is wack. Sango artiste should work on this..

As much as it pisses me off, I’m sure fans don’t find it appealing.. Believe me, alot of them are on whatsapp.. Pakam they’ve sent artwork to you, baba I’m dropping my song oo..
Song that as a wack artwork… How make we feel??

This alone will stop alot of artiste, would make industry heads not take them serious… Las Las e go prevent many from this BLOW them dey find….

I don’t want this to be longer than it already is.. But I’ll add one last reason..

The Agbo Ile shows….

When Sango artistes starts performing from one hotel to the other.. Dekelch, lesosky, 3AD, Moakland, Maridom, Sea Never dry.. The likes.. They feel they are on tour.. As negative as this sounds, it’s plain truth.

Hotels are important. Carnivals no really bad.. But Sango artistes should stop being satisfied with this Agbo Ile shows.. I believe they are worth more, if you can conquer here, you can conquer Lagos… Abuja.. Nigeria.. Even the world..

If my Dearest Sango Artistes can work on this and some other requirements, if they can see that this article is not to yab them but to alert them… Then we are very close to taking over the Nigeria Music Industry..

Thank you.

Daniel Scott Eleh

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