MC ATM: The King of Lagos Wedding Party

Israel Asemewalen Osaletin popularly known as MC ATM hails from Ekpoma, Edo State. The last child of 7 ,he had a passion for public speaking at a tender age of 10 when he started appearing in school plays and delivering sermons in children programmes in church.

His passion for event hosting and stand-up comedy grew bigger when he was in Senior secondary school one where he anchored his first event during a class Valentine get together at the iganmode grammar school Ota.
During his secondary school days he anchored lots of school end of the year parties.

The king of the Lagos Wedding Party as he is called now, anchored his 1st wedding in 2016 which was the wedding of Sub-Lieutenant SO ABORISHADE
During this time he was called the official military MC due to the numerous job he did for most military personnel (stand up comedy)

He has performed stand up comedy on prestigious stages such as “Unknot Your Tie” with Omo Baba #1, Mecoyo’s Comedy Club etc.

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