Lagos State traffic Laws whether to Panic or Not – Bayo Adesanya

Enforcement of Sanctions in Traffic Laws, An appraisal Of Lagos State
Traffic Law.

This short article seeks to examine the essence and effects of the sanctions
available in our Traffic Laws in Lagos State. The intention of the legislative
draftsmen of the traffic laws in view of the sanctions embedded therein cum the
multiplier effect on our peculiar societal system. This article does not seek to
criticize these sanctions, but principally to appreciate the sanctions that are
available, purposefully if same could achieve the primary essence of the enactment
clause of the traffic laws. Therefore, the conclusion of this article would be a
recommendation for probable steps to be taken in any event an innocent person is
caught on the other side of the law or the possible steps the Government can take
to reduce the numbers of persons who could be offenders.


There is no gain saying that an average Nigerian driver is lawless and does not
have respect for traffic regulations in any event there is no law enforcement officer
within a close range, hence the undying need for the traffic sanctions. The core of
this article would consider the provisions of the Lagos State Road Traffic Law,
2012 visa vis the sanctions and the appraisal of the ideology behind the review of
the Offences and Fines by the Lagos State Government on the 14th day of June,
2019 and probable defences available for an offender.

The enactment clause of this Law states thus:-
“A Law to provide for Road Traffic Administration and make provisions for Road
Traffic and Vehicle Inspection in Lagos State and other connected purposes”
The wordings of this Law does not appear to have its purpose as a means of
generating huge revenue for the state, but rather to ensure uniform compliance with
a road network usage, which same is the meaning of the word “administration” and
the core ancillary point is to ensure that the average number of vehicles on the road
are well maintained and inspected to ensure the safety of other road users within
the Lagos metropolis. Now if this be the case, the examination of the sanctions of
the Law, as regards the act and conduct that could amount to an offence can then
be examined.

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