Independence Day! Don Jazzy Urges Nigerians To Appreciate Past Heroes & Think Of Lasting Solutions To Nigeria’s Problems

Don Jazzy has admonished Nigerians on exactly what to do today which happens to be the day we celebrate one of the biggest things to have happened to Nigeria as a country.

Today, which is 1st of October is the day we all Nigerians are proud of because it’s the day our nationalist heroes came to the realization that a dream they used to pursue had come to light. It is the day Nigeria got her independence and became free from colonial subjugation. Today makes it the 59th year Nigeria became a sovereign state and had 100 percent control over its own affairs.

Therefore, in celebration of that ‘huge achievement,’ Don Jazzy has advised Nigerians to do some digging in their thoughts. He wants Nigerians to appreciate the efforts of this country’s true past heroes as well as try to pin-point exactly where Nigeria got it all wrong and think of solutions going forward. He wrote; “As we celebrate Nigeria’s 59th Independence day tomorrow, we all need to reflect on many things: the significance of the labour of our heroes’ past, where we got it all wrong and how we can improve our current situation.”

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