Erigga talks selling drugs in Warri, going to jail and how music saved his life

In an interview with German broadcasting network, DWtv, Nigerian rapper Erigga detailed his industry journey and the challenges he has had to overcome along his way.

Erhiga Agarivbie, more known as Erigga, narrated how life was for him as a child growing up on the streets of Warri, Delta State, selling drugs around the corner, going to jail and how music saved his life.

”The city brings out that toughness in you,” he states, ”You have to be strong to survive out here, it’s really tough, there is no opportunity,” he speaks of his hometown.




The South South state of the country has become notorious for acts like kidnapping, oil bunkering/theft, armed robbery and drugs proliferation, all of which Erigga was exposed to and eventually led to him getting arrested and doing time behind bars.

”We sold drugs,” he admitted, but at some point after he was released, he made the decision to exchange the drugs for the microphone, a decision that has changed his life totally and helped him move out of the hood and only returns occasionally, this time as a local celebrity.

”I never saw this coming, all I wanted was to give my people a voice. What I rap about is basically the struggle that every Warri boy, every Niger Delta youth go through every day of their lives, but they can’t say it.”


The rapper who began his music career in 2010 is gradually earning the recognition that his hard work and consistency deserves.

Rapping majorly in Pidgin, a dialect that helps his tell story better, Erigga who has two albums to his discography, ”Trip To The South”, released in 2017 and ”Okorowanta” in 2018 was twice nominated at the Headies Awards 2018 in the ‘Lyricist On The Roll’ and ‘Best Rap Album’categories.

While his past singles like ‘Industry Nite’ enjoyed critical reviews, it is his collaboration with Victor AD, the voice behind the 2018 hit anthem, ‘Wetin We Gain’ on the song, ‘Motivation’ that is bringing him success on the commercial front.

Erigga now performs at sold out concerts with his music getting played at major events both in the South South and across the country and he says his success is an inspiration to every child back home that nothing is impossible if they believe.





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