Aloma DMW Confesses To A #100 Million Offer To Frame Davido For Tagbo’s Death

Davido’s former aide, Aloma DMW has revealed he was offered #100 million to frame Davido for the death of his best friend, Tagbo.

He made this shocking revelation in an interview with Jahbless music. According to Aloma, he was offered a blank cheque of 100 Million Naira during the time of Davido’s case with Nigerian Police in 2017 to write a statement that Davido killed Tagbo. (You can get the full 2017 Tagbo’s Death gist HERE).

He called out Tagbo’s Lawyer, The DPO, and some men in the music industry who he refused to reveal their names as the people who made the offer to him. He stated that they arranged a meeting for their shady transaction and encouraged him to frame his former boss. In his own words, he said:

“This is the first time I will say this on air. .. As we dey lion building, Tagbo Lawyer show. One person show I no won call the person name and the DPO. Dey say I be foreman, na so they carry me go one room.

Baba, fear industry oo.. I no go lie they dey try every possible thing to just draw this guy down, this David. They say I be foreman make I just write statement say na baddest , Na Davido Kill am. Say he send people… Baba Blank Cheque dey, #100 million. Say make i just write am say Tagbo na David kill am”

Watch video below

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